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#106 / 206-PG-BPC #106 / 206-PG-BPC

106 / 206-PG-BPC Booster Pump Contol Valve – Single Chamber

The 106-PG-BPC or 206-PG-BPC booster pump control valve is installed in-line directly downstream of the pump discharge.

The valve is normally closed, and, on pump start-up, a pilot solenoid is energized to slowly open the valve, at a rate governed by the opening speed control. The pipeline flow is gradually increased.

When shut-down is required, the pilot solenoid is de-energized to close the main valve and reduce the flow. The pump is kept running while the booster pump control valve slowly closes. When the valve is almost fully closed and flow is virtually stopped, a cam triggers the limit switch to stop the pump.

With the internal drop check option, the built-in mechanical drop check closes immediately when the flow stops, regardless of the valve position. Whether due to a control malfunction, normal operation or a pump motor power failure, by closing before flow reverses, surges are minimized.

The single chamber construction facilitates supplemental modulating functions such as pressure sustaining, pressure reducing, rate of flow control. Being a single chamber design, the control forces are generated by the differential across the valve. When a modulating function is included there are more positive initial closing results.

  • Substantially reduces pump starting and stopping surges
  • Separate opening and closing speed controls
  • Cost effective pump control system
  • Optional internal mechanical drop check reduces power failure surge