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Model 43 Rotary Float Pilot (On / Off)

The 43 stainless steel float actuated pilot with non-modulating rotary motion, provides non-modulating On-Off operation of the main valve. It has higher capacity and faster response time than other non-modulating float pilots. The differential between the level where the main valve opens and the level where the main valve closes, is adjustable. The 43 pilot allows for faster operation of the main valve over traditional float pilots, due to increased port size. The standard configuration is for the pilot to close the main valve on high level and open the main valve on low level. The 43 pilot is used on all non-modulating model F-Type 5, 106 and 206 series float valves.

The 43 pilot has a higher pressure rating 80 psi / 5.5 bar as compared to Model 39 (80 psi / 5.5 bar) For higher pressures, consult factory.