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#106 / S106-PGM#106 / S106-PGM

106 / S106-PGM Full Port, Integral Back-Up, Dual Diaphragm, Automatic Control Valve

The 106-PGM and S106-PGM series control valves are designed for particularly sensitive applications or situations where valves are difficult to access and maintain.

The PGM series control valves provide integral back-up control and the ability to signal should the desired function move off limits. It can also provide an independent and very positive override.

It is a variation of the standard single chamber 106-PG valve with modifications that add the following features:

  • Back-up diaphragm
  • Completely self-contained
  • Modulating or emergency close back-up
  • Back-up components kept out of the main stream until required
  • Extremely positive shut-off
  • Emergency close for security breach or earthquake

With SRD technology the valve becomes incredibly steady throughout a complete range of flows and eradicates the need of additional low flow bypass valves.

The PGM series control valves may be combined with additional Singer Valve specific accessories to add further customization such as:

  • Back-up pilot system
  • Annunciation with an Single Pole Double Throw Limit Switch

Refer to Main Valve Options and Pilots & Accessories to customize the valve to suit specific applications.

  • Ideal for applications requiring redundant and back-up security
  • Virtually uninterrupted control under a variety of system failures
  • Remote annunciation option available
  • Available in globe and angle style