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#106 / 206-PFC#106 / 206-PFC

106 / 206-PFC Pressure Flow Control (Modulation) Valve

The 106-PFC / 206 PFC Pressure Modulation Valve is a pressure reducing valve with a special (Patented) pilot that increases downstream pressure as flow increases.

The PFC valve alters and controls pressure with flow to create virtually constant pressure at the critical pressure point in a system. It will also automatically adjust for distribution friction losses. The PFC valve will deliver consistent performance as it has no electrical components and is not affected should the valve chamber be flooded. The valve may be used wherever a standard PRV is installed.

  • Reduces pressure when demand is lower resulting in reduced leakage losses and pipe breaks
  • Compensates for pressure loss in a long pipeline to deliver virtually constant pressure at all times at a distant point
  • Simple to set-up and adjust