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#106 / 206-2PR-SC-BT #106 / 206-2PR-SC-BT

106 / 206-2PR-SC-BT Dual Adjustable Set Point Pressure Reducing Valve Using Solenoid Control

The 106 2PR-SC-BT and 206 2PR-SC-BT dual adjustable set point pressure reducing valve using solenoid control is based on the 106-PG or 206-PG valve.

The valve is installed with two PR pressure reducing pilots, one set to low pressure, the other to high pressure. The pilot senses the downstream pressure through a connection to the valve outlet. Under flowing conditions, the pilot reacts to small changes in pressure to control the valve position by modulating relatively steady as the pilot set points.

The high pressure pilot can be isolated by means of a battery operated latching solenoid. This solenoid is controlled using a fully programmable controlled which is user set to give higher and lower pressure based on time. The solenoid is energized to open and switch to the high pressure pilot from the normal low pressure pilot setting.

  • Two Adjustable Outlet Pressure Set Points (Daytime / Night)
  • Selectable Using Battery Operated Control
  • Pressure Reducing Valve with two set points, high pressure and low pressure
  • Time-based selection via latching solenoid and timer
  • • Self-contained, powered by a 9-volt battery (1 controller, 1 programmer)
  • 24/7 time settings (can skip days)
  • Multiple time selection possible (up to 10 time settings per 24 hour period)
  • Reduces system pressure when not needed (low flow demand or night time), supplies increased pressure when required (high flow demand or day time)
  • Recommended for systems where no external power source is available