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#106 / 206-2PR-630#106 / 206-2PR-630

106 / 206-2PR-630 Pressure Management Valve

The Singer 106/206-2PR-630 Pressure Management Valve is a simple package to save water loss and money. It meets system needs by providing higher pressure when called for 24/7 and reduced pressure to save water leakage (and money) at all other times.

An orifice with a low pressure drop 1.0 psi, (0.07 Bar) is installed upstream of a standard pressure reducing valve fitted with an extra pressure reducing pilot and a sensitive differential pilot which switches between 2 pressure reducing pilots to suit the system flow demand. High flow demand or fire flow will cause the differential pilot to automatically switch control from the low pressure to the higher pressure pilot. The action is then reversed when flow demand falls below the differential pilot set point valve position by modulating the pressure above the diaphragm. The downstream pressure is maintained relatively steady at the pilot set-point.

  • Substantially reduces water loss (non-revenue water) due to leakage
  • Decreases downstream pipe bursts and associated repair costs
  • Allows constant reliable pressure to users, minimizing over pressure at off peak (flow) periods