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#106 / 206-2SC-PCO#106 / 206-2SC-PCO

106 / 206-2SC-PCO Dual Solenoid Control for Positioning and SCADA Controls

The Singer models 106-2SC-PCO and 206-2SC-PCO dual solenoid electronic valves are based on the Singer model 106-PG or 206-PG main valve.

The flow into and out of the upper operating chamber is controlled by the two pilot solenoids. The electronic control determines whether the opening solenoid or the closing solenoid is operated. The change in valve position is dependent upon which solenoid is operated and the duration of the energized period.

The electronic control determines the valve function. Virtually any hydraulic function can be achieved using the “open-close” output from the SCADA controller to the valve.

The Singer Model 2SC-PCO is designed for use with Singer MCP Multi-Process Control Panel or the EPC Single-Process Control Panel.

  • Precise control from remote locations
  • Process controller compatible
  • Minimal power needed for stand-by operation
  • Complete service in-line
  • Manual controls for emergencies