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SAP Panel Surge Anticipating Panel

The SAP surge anticipator panel provides the interface between a customer supplied, system pressure switch and the Singer surge anticipating control valve. Together they provide protection against destructive pressure surges.

The SAP panel energizes the control valve pilot solenoid on an abnormally low pressure reading and/or power failure to pumps. The 12 VDC pilot solenoid is energized to open the main valve and relieve the surge pressure from the system. The RPS-L&H-ET (ET- Electronically Timed) valve is equipped with a hydraulic pilot to relieve on abnormally high pressures.

The SAP panel is equipped with adjustable digital delay timers that permit coordination of valve operation with pump start-ups, shutdowns, power failures and down surges.

The SAP panel comes equipped with a long life, high capacity 12 VDC battery, industrial grade battery charger with over current and polarity protection, door mounted volt meter and battery test feature. The logical arrangement of indicator lights and the volt meter provide easy supervision of the sequencing and the operating status.

  • Automatically interfaces pressure switch and control valve to protect system from destructive pressure surges
  • Visual indication of operational status
  • Simple to install
  • Minimizes field wiring costs